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Revital U Coffee

Boost Mental Clarity & Energy Levels

Revital U Coffee is a new science created to help you improve your mental clarity. Add this to a boost in your energy levels, all without having to make radical diet and lifestyle changes.


Its SMART BLEND of INGREDIENTS, signals your brain to feel full creating the same neurological satisfaction as sugars & fat to stop cravings.

As a result, with Revital U coffee, portion control is easy which reduces calorie intake resulting in weight-loss and increasing natural energy levels.

Losing weight will help you be more healthy, keeping you out of the doctor’s office & spending less on healthcare.

Product Description

This coffee is designed to energize you from within. Be ready to feel physically alert, mentally in tune and lose weight. Take it as regular coffee or mix in it other drinks and foods. Simply take it in the morning, with breakfast!

It contains as much caffeine as regular coffee โ€“ 100 mg. When taking the recommended daily scoop, a tub will last 30 days or a month. Our product does not contain: gluten, sugar, dairy, eggs, fish, crustacean, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts or soybean wheat.

Octopamine is a great supplement added to #revitalU #Coffee, #Cocoa & #SmartCaps but why is it so important?

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What is Octopamine?

Octopamine was first discovered in an Octopus and this is why its gets its name. It is a natural substance also found in the Bitter Orange plant.

  • Particularly useful as an aid for those trying to lose weight. It not only promotes fat loss but also works to minimize the loss of muscle and other lean body tissue.
  • Bodybuilders and athletes commonly use this supplement. This is because it may prevent the breakdown of protein for energy. In turn, this prevents muscle loss even while dieting. In addition, people who are training use this as a pre-workout supplement to boost energy levels.
  • Octopamine functions as a neurotransmitter and is similar to the adrenal hormone norepinephrine.
  • Effects associated with oral consumption of Octopamine include:
    • an increase in your heart rate.
    • increased metabolism and glucose utilization.
    • increase in blood flow to skeletal muscles.

Itโ€™s just one of the several amazing ingredients added to revital U Coffee, Smart Cocoa and Smart Caps.


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