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Contact Revital U International:
14401 Sovereign Road Suite 101,
Fort Worth,
TX 76155, USA


Returns and Cancelations

In order to receive a refund:

  • Send an email to telling them that you wish to return the product. This must be done within 30 days of the purchase date.
  • After that, send the tub together with the remainder of the coffee back to the mailing address above.
  • Make sure your name and telephone number together with your customer reference are in the email. This is so Revital U knows who to refund.
  • Once your return has been received and checked, your money will be refunded. This will be for the original price, but not including the shipping charges.

Shipping Information

Find out about the two shipping options available to customers in the USA.

Customer FAQ’s

Read this in order to check your order dates,  delivery information and how to get a refund.

Product FAQ’s

This will answer any questions you may have about the coffee. together with any health concerns to may have.

Look, Feel & Live Better with Revital U Coffee

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