Become a revital U Brand Influencer

Become a revital U Brand Influencer

revital U commissions, bonus payments and more

As a revital U Brand Influencer with revital U, there are some amazing commissions, bonus payments and monthly offers to help you grow your business.

**NOW WITH 30 day money back guarantee**

Join us in the USA

Sign-up TODAY and we will help you on your way to a great future with this amazing company. Become an Executive revital U Brand Influencer in your first 30 days and you can achieve an amazing bonus payment. If you get 25 personal customers in your first 60 days another great bonus will come your way. Add this to the sales commission for each product you will soon be boosting your monthly income . It costs just $99.99 / Β Β£99.99 to get up and running.

Included in your membership fee is 50 credits to send out samples of any of the products to share with your friends! If you send out those 50 samples from your sample platform within 30 days, you will receive another 50 free of charge. The company takes care of all the shipping and there is no stock to buy or send out.

Become a Revital U Brand Influencer, bonus payments, commissions and more...

Why Become a revital U Brand Influencer?

With a daily cup of our smart coffee, we know you’re feeling and looking better. If you love what revital U Coffee has done for you and want to help others, join us! Be in charge of your own business by sharing a product you believe in and earn some great commissions.

How do I become a revital U Brand Influencer?

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No Sponsor? – No Problem

Paul Reeves is a experienced Regional Brand Influencer and will give you all the support you need to make a great start in building your new business in revital U. He has a proven track record in helping hundred of people in his team get started.

Included at enrolment

For only an annual fee of $99.99 in the United States or Β£99.99 in the United Kingdom, you’ll also receive:

  • Your own personalized website for customers to purchase products and a Sample Platform, to send samples.
  • Keep your business organized with the help of your back office – U office, where you can order product, monitor your progress, view company updates and much more.
  • Access to our Compensation Plan, which lays out how you will earn your commissions and the steps necessary to move up the ranks.
  • 50 digital sample credits to let you send out samples to your friends and family. Send these within the first 30 days and you will receive another 50 credits FREE OF CHARGE.
  • If you ever have a question or need more help, you will have a team of trained Executives ready to assist you.
  • Money back guarantee. If you find the business isn’t for you within the first 30 days you will receive a refund on your membership fee.
  • No stock of products needed to run this business.
  • revital U ships all the products and samples on your behalf.


Hi-Tech vs. Hi-Touch

A revital U Brand Influencer has two ways of giving samples:

1) Hi-Tech (digital delivery)

2) Hi-Touch (personal delivery).

For digital delivery, an Brand Influencer goes to their sample website and chooses who will receive samples via mail. The fulfilment centre handles these orders.

For personal delivery, the samples and brochures are sent to the Influencer directly, who then personally gives them out to people.

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