Smart U Brew Coffee

Smart U Brew Coffee

At Smart U Brew Coffee, We realise that you may not wish to buy a full 30 day supply of Revital U coffee straight away so  are offering the opportunity to get some SAMPLES to try first.

Revital U Samples | Smart U Brew

FREE Revital U Coffee Samples

FREE Revital U Coffee samples…… No Risk and No Obligation to buy. Just pay for shipping.

We know you love your Coffee but we also know that it can do more for you. Revital U can help you from the inside out, with only one cup a day.

  • Increases physical energy
  • Improves concentration and alertness
  • Encourages weight loss/fat breakdown
  • Promotes a sense of fullness
  • Aids in mood health

Just head over to the SAMPLES page.

In no time at all you will receive three days supply of this Smart Coffee for you to try.


FREE Revital U Coffee Samples | Smart U Brew Coffee

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RevitalU Multi-Pack Offer | Smart U Brew Coffee Smart U Brew Coffee - 2 Boxes of Revital U Coffee Sticks

30 day money back promise

Why not order a tub of revitalu coffee, or some brew sticks and try them with our 30 day money back promise.

What if you don’t get any benefit of drinking the coffee or just don’t like the taste? Hence, you can return the part full tub or unused brew sticks for a refund within the first 30 days of purchase*.

*refund excludes original shipping cost and in addition you are responsible for the return postage. You must email support within 30 days of order, quoting your customer number / order number. In this case, we will issue a refund, less shipping costs to the original card you used for the purchase.

RevitalU Coffee 30 day money back guarantee | Smart U Brew Coffee

You can also order all products and samples by visiting the RevitalU Shop below.

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Look, Feel & Live Better with Revital U Coffee

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